There are an estimated 14 million grandparents in the UK, and lots of those are more and more involved in caring for their grandchildren.

One in five children under 16 is looked after by their grandparents in the day time and more than a third of grandparents spend three days a week caring for their grandchildren.

But what if your grandchild has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? What is an ASD? Will you need to raise them differently to your own children or other grandchildren? How can you help them? How will you support your own children and what if you are first to notice the difference in your grandchild's development? What about support for yourself? We aim to answer these questions here.

Our Autism Helpline also offers information, advice and support to people with an ASD and their families. Tel: 0808 800 4104 (open Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm, and Friday 9am-3pm).

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