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In education

Autistic children, teenagers and young people need additional help and support with education. Some will need highly-specialised education, others will follow a more mainstream path.

This section provides advice about school life such as getting extra help in school, dealing with school refusal and exclusion, bullying, and transition – including starting, changing and leaving school.

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Everything you need to know

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Your education choices

Explore the options for educating your child, including at school and home education.

Difficulties during break times

Read about why break times can be hard for autistic students and how parents and schools can help.
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Transport to and from school

Nation-specific advice and information about support with travel to and from school.

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Extra help for your child

Your child may need extra help in school or nursery. Find out about assessments, support and appeals.
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Advice for parents on understanding why your child's problems with homework, and how you can help.

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Guidance on identifying and dealing with bullying for young autistic people, and advice for parents.

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School absence and exclusion

Learn about why your child may refuse to go to school and different types of school exclusions in the four nations.
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Explanations of some of the words and phrases you may come across in relation to your child's education.

Student and support worker

Further and higher education

Get advice on applying to college and university, and the support that may be available to you.
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Read guidance on preparing your child for transitioning between different education settings.
Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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