We need to ensure autistic children and adults in Wales get the support and care they need. We need to Act Now. We need an Autism Act for the people of Wales.

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Why an Autism Act?

In 2008, the Welsh Government developed the first ever autism strategy among the UK nations, signalling that it was a clear policy priority for Wales.

While this was a very welcome step, in recent years this positive momentum has faltered. There are now many cases all over Wales where the strategy is simply not working for autistic people and their families, leaving them with little or no support and unable to live the life they choose.  

You – our branches, members and supporters – have contacted us with your concerns and told us that you no longer feel autism is important for Government.

The lack of services in the adult sector is a huge concern – the difference once my son left school was marked. I worry a lot about the future.

Read more about what matters to you in our Act Now: An Autism Act for Wales report.

It is time to ensure that we have an Autism Act for Wales so that the rights of autistic people across the country are protected and promoted.

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