Partnership highlights

Teaming up with us via sponsorship opportunities is a great way of connecting with target audiences while demonstrating corporate social responsibility.


Axcis, a recruiter of teaching and support staff at all levels and those working solely in SEND, has teamed up with us by sponsoring a number of initiatives over the last five years.

This year, Axcis sponsored MyWorld (our education campaign, which gives teachers and school staff free access to latest resources). We also value their continued sponsorship of Network Autism, our Professionals Conference and Autism Professionals Awards.

Our partnership with Axcis continues to go from strength to strength. In the future, Axcis are sponsoring Schools' Autism Awareness Week and XI Autism Congress Europe.

This partnership has already provided professionals in schools with resources to improve the lives and education of children on the autism spectrum. It has created a professional network where innovative ideas and good practice are shared.

With the recent addition of MyWorld and the growth of Network Autism, the partnership also has the capacity to transform teachers' and other educational professionals' understanding of autism. This could improve the experience of thousands of autistic children in the UK and beyond.

The support Axcis brings to the partnership is not only financial, as crucial as that has been – Axcis also bring expertise. The training they provide to SEND teachers and support staff has increased knowledge and understanding of autism education. 

Axcis understand the importance of placing appropriately qualified, trained professionals in schools, and the effect that has on outcomes for a young person’s learning and development, including children on the autism spectrum.




We are delighted to be MoneySuperMarket's chosen charity for two years.

MoneySuperMarket’s fundraising and financial expertise has allowed us to develop a Managing Money online module to help autistic people who are at risk of falling into financial difficulty. MoneySuperMarket's financial expertise and fundraising capability combined with our autism knowledge, has enabled us to deliver a vital project focused on helping autistic adults manage their money effectively.

The company's employees have been busy fundraising. A team of MoneySuperMarket trekkers climbed the three highest peaks in Morocco and another team recently completed a Dragon Boat race for us.

They have also helped us raise awareness. and’s advertising characters, Epic Dave and Nico the German have supported World Autism Awareness Week

In 2015, Dave’s 'Stand out for autism' post to launch World Autism Awareness Week on our Facebook page was the most successful social media post of the campaign, and in our charity’s history.

HiT Entertainment


Since 2000, HiT Entertainment have helped raise over £1.2 million through donating the image rights of the Thomas & Friends characters to us.

Many autistic people have a special relationship with Thomas & Friends. Research shows that fifty seven per cent of children on the autism spectrum choose Thomas & Friends over other children's characters. The bold bright colours and the clear facial expressions make Thomas characters easy to identify and relate to, helping autistic children with communication and play.

With HiT’s support we have created and sold co-branded Thomas & Friends merchandise and created an annual autism-friendly family event, All Aboard for Autism at Drayton Manor, the home of Thomas land..

Our Partners

We are incredibly proud of the dedication of our partners to create a better world for autistic people and their families.

The National Autistic Society partners in 2016 were alinea, Axcis Education, Disney Theatre Group, HiT Entertainment, MoneySuperMarket and Tangle Teezer

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