Join the Circle of Friends; our community of supporters working together to help us advance our services, understanding and support for people with autism.

We all face difficult times, but life can pose even greater challenges when you do not have the understanding, support or information that you need to cope. People with autism face these challenges every day.

This is why we want to make a lasting change. Your significant philanthropic gift will help improve the lives of people with autism.

Your investment will support our core services, help us deliver expert advice and information, support collaboration between professionals and influence policy on local and national levels.

Your multi-annual gift of £1,000 - £5,000 will also enable The National Autistic Society to plan with more confidence. It will give us additional assurance of the sustainability of our voluntary-funded services, which reach thousands of families every month.

By 2017, we want 120 people in our Circle, united in their determination to change the world for people with autism. By joining the Circle, you will share our aims and our achievements, and most importantly see first-hand how your support will transform lives.  


Join us today here 

Benefits of joining

All our Friends have the option of enjoying the benefits of NAS membership, as well as added extras, including:

  • tours of our latest schools and projects to show how your money is making a difference
  • invitations to exclusive events
  • opportunities to connect with other likeminded supporters
  • regular updates on the impact of your support.

With your help, we can continue to deliver vital services, information and support. Together we will work towards a world where every person living with autism can benefit from the education, employment and understanding they deserve.

If you would like to join our Circle of Friends  or make a major gift please contact the Senior Relationships Team and we would be delighted to assist you.

Please contact Amandeep Hoonjan on 020 7923 5798 or at