Have a question about our membership? Have a look at the Q&As below to see if your query is covered. If not, you can find out more about membership by calling our Supporter Care Team on 0808 800 1050 or emailing supportercare@nas.org.uk.

To find out more about membership, please call 0808 800 1050 or email supportercare@nas.org.uk

Become a member now

Who can join?

We have nearly 20,000 members made up of people from all over the world. We have members who are on the autism spectrum, parents, family members, carers, professionals, support groups, hospitals and anyone who is interested in receiving the latest information from the world of autism. Members need to be 18 and over, as there are voting rights.

How can I renew my membership?

If you pay by Direct Debit, your membership will be renewed automatically. Otherwise, the month before your membership is due to expire, we will send you a renewal notice in the post. You will then need to complete the form and return it to us with a payment for your next year's membership. You can pay by cheque, postal order, credit/debit card or Direct Debit. We can also take renewal payments by credit/debit card or Direct Debit over the telephone (unfortunately we cannot accept Visa Electron, Solo or Amex over the phone). Alternatively, you can renew online. Simply follow the instructions and add your membership number when prompted.

How can I cancel my membership?

If you would like to cancel your membership, please contact us on 0808 800 1050, telling us your full name, membership number and reason for cancelling.

How can I change my contact details?

You can change your contact details at any time. Please contact us on 0808 800 1050.

Why is it cheaper to pay by Direct Debit?

Many people find it easier to manage their membership by setting up a Direct Debit. This means that your annual payment is made automatically and you don't have to worry about renewing every year. Paying by Direct Debit works out a little cheaper because we save on administration costs by only having to process the payment once. This means we can pass the saving onto you. If you would like to set up an annual Direct Debit, please contact us on 0808 800 1050 or download this application form. If you want individual or joint membership, you can also join online.

Do I qualify for concessionary membership?

Concession rate membership is available to those whose only household income is from state benefits; this may include pensioners. If you are on a low income and the cost of full rate membership is a barrier to joining us, you may also qualify. If you are unsure whether you qualify, please contact us on 0808 800 1050. Concession rate membership is subsidised by the charity, so please consider whether you can afford full rate membership before applying.

Who should be the member - the person with autism or the parent/carer?

Membership is open to everyone. We have many members who are on the autism spectrum, as well as parents and carers. The information that our magazine includes is designed to be of interest to everyone. However, we do request that members are over 18. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the membership team on 0808 800 1050.

What is the difference between individual and joint membership?

Joint membership allows two adults in the household to take advantage of publications discounts and to vote in elections for our Council of Members. It also allows family members to be involved and show support. Often parents wish to take out joint membership with an adult child with autism to introduce them to the organisation.

What is the difference between organisation and personal membership?

Organisations receive the same information as all other members and also benefit from discounts on our conferences for their employees. However, they do not have voting rights or benefit from discounted insurance products. We suggest that an individual is nominated to be the main contact and receive mailings. However, it is possible to change the primary contact should the organisation wish to do so.

Do you offer a family membership?

Unfortunately we do not offer a family membership.

What does overseas membership mean?

Membership can be a great way of keeping up-to-date with what is happening if you are based outside of the UK. The standard individual, joint and organisation memberships are available to those overseas but at a slightly higher rate to cover postage costs. Unfortunately, we cannot support overseas memberships at a concessionary rate. In this instance, the Republic of Ireland is classed as outside of the UK. If you would like more information about overseas membership, please contact the membership team on 0808 800 1050.

When will I receive my welcome pack?

We send welcome packs out by 2nd class Royal Mail at the end of each week. Once we have received your payment, we will endeavour to send out your pack as soon as possible. If you have not received your welcome pack, please contact us on 0808 800 1050.

Can I subscribe to Your Autism Magazine without being a member?

No. You need to be a member to receive Your Autism Magazine.