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Too Much Information

We need to challenge the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes that make autistic people feel so isolated and make society feel so unwelcoming. The time has come to end this and bring about a lasting change in the public’s understanding of autism. We believe that Too Much Information is the campaign that will do it.

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Everything you need to know

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Could you stand more than a minute in a shopping centre? For an autistic child, it could be terrifying.

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Show us your judgeyface on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – and then lose it forever.
Adult woman having a meltdown

Top tips

Read our top tips to find out how to support an autistic person if they are experiencing a meltdown.
Marshall family

What is autism?

Find out more about autism from Alexander's point of view and understand how autism affects him.
Alex Marshall

Virtual reality film

Take a step into Alexander's world with our 360-degree virtual reality film.

Real stories

Read real life stories which explore how it feels to experience sensory overload.
Mum and son

Take action

Will you take action by playing our game?

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Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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