Following the phenomenal success of our TMI film, we've produced a 360 degree virtual reality version to help you to feel what it might be like to get too much information. You can download the app for free below, get your own cardboard goggles and watch the film on YouTube, or catch the film on tour at a shopping centre near you. The app requires iOS 6.0/Android 4.4 or better and an appropriate mobile phone.

Watch the 360 degree virtual reality version of our TMI film

Warning: this film contains flashing lights, bright colours and loud, sudden noises.

Our Too Much Information film has helped 56 million people gain a deeper understanding of autism. That sometimes, autistic people become overloaded by everything around them. Which can make the outside world feel like a terrifying place. And for their families, all the looks, judgements and tuts make it feel like a lonely and isolated place.

But now, with state of the art technology, we're helping people to get an even more immersive experience.

Based on real experiences in consultation with autistic people, we've created a virtual reality film to give a flavour of how overwhelming an everyday setting like a shopping centre can be to an autistic person experiencing too much information. Every single sight, every single sound, every single stare.

The cutting edge film is the first of its kind and will be a powerful tool to help people truly understand.

To fully experience sensory overload:

The question is: Will you make it to the end?

Warning: this film contains flashing lights, bright colours and loud, sudden noises.

Experience the film at home or in your school

The 360 degree virtual reality film is available on YouTube.

To get the real experience, if you don't have a VR headset to hand, you can use cardboard goggles as an at-home version of the immersive experience.

Buy cardboard goggles

You can put them over a smartphone to recreate the virtual reality experience in its full 360 degree glory.

If you work in a school, get our Schools Pack, which includes three sets of cardboard goggles, lesson plans and resources.

Buy schools' pack

Virtual reality on tour

We want as many people as possible to be able to immerse themselves in this exciting experience. With thanks to the generosity of our partners intu and Tangle Teezer, we are taking the Too Much Information virtual reality film on tour around the UK. This will help even more people to understand autism.

The Too Much Information Virtual Reality Booth is coming to a shopping centre near you

Over the summer, we’ll be taking it on the road to 17 shopping centres up in Scotland and England, with more dates in Wales and Northern Ireland to come.

Come and visit us at the following locations and dates, put on the headsets, and find out if you will make it to the end?

intu Centre dates

  • intu Trafford Centre, Manchester – 9-10 July
  • Manchester Arndale, Manchester – 12-13 July
  • intu Derby, Derby – 16-17 July
  • intu Potteries, Stoke-On-Trent – 19-20 July 
  • intu Victoria Centre, Nottingham – 23-24 July
  • intu Broadmarsh, Nottingham – 26-27 July
  • TBC, Hertfordshire – 30-31 July
  • intu Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes – 6-7 August
  • intu Metrocentre, Newcastle – 10-11 August
  • intu Eldon Square, Newcastle –13-14 August
  • intu Watford, London – 20-21 August
  • intu Bromley, London – 23-24 August
  • intu Chapelfield, Norwich – 27-28 August
  • intu Uxbridge, London – 30-31 August
  • intu Lakeside, Essex – 3-4 September
  • The Mall at Cribbs, Bristol – 7-8 September
  • European Autism Congress, Edinburgh – 17-18 September
  • intu Braehead, Glasgow – 20-21 September
  • intu Merry Hill, Birmingham – 29-30 September