One-derful! Lots of you donned your onesies, took to the streets and raised funds and awareness on Wednesday 6 April for Onesie Wednesday 2016.

Here's how people got involved this year

  • Organising Onesie Wednesday at work... You can ask for contributions from colleagues to get involved.  Or why not collect sponsorship for daring to stand out in a onesie in meetings, or organise a fundraising party to raise extra funds?
  • Grabbing your friends and head to a local supermarket, train station or community centre to do a Onesie Wednesday collection.  You’ll be surprised how quickly those pennies add up to pounds!
  • Asking your school to get involved and revolutionise the traditional non-uniform day by making it Onesie Wednesday!

Don’t worry if you don’t own a onesie, anything comfy will do – try going out in your favourite pyjamas instead!  As long as you’re proud to stand out for autism and dare to be different to support autistic people everywhere.

Kigu are delighted to be supporting the National Autistic Society this Onesie Wednesday.
When you use the code NAS16 before 6th April, Kigu will donate 10% to the National Autistic Society and you’ll get a 10% discount as well.

Supporters who preferred baking cooked up some of Jane Asher’s gingerbread onesies and organised a cake sale to raise money. There are recipes and more ideas on our resources page.

Whatever you do, you will be joining the thousands of people out there who are wearing onesies, running marathons, baking cakes and simply spreading the word to help autistic people and their families across the UK.  We couldn’t do what we do without you!