Autism Accreditation hosts regular events around the UK to bring together professionals from accredited services, in order to discuss current issues and share good practice. Here you can download presentations from past events and find out about forthcoming meetings.

Local Network Meetings

We are holding Local Network Meetings across the country for registered service/school members only, over the next few months. For details, please email:

Autism Accreditation Raising Standards Events

We are proud to be hosting three events to celebrate Autism Accreditation's commitment to raising standards of excellence in supporting autistic people. Presentations will be delivered by practitioners in the field of autism described the role played by accreditation in helping them strive for the highest standards of excellence in supporting autistic people. These events are exclusive to our membership and aimed at delivering valuable professional development for all Accreditation members by providing first hand perspectives from autistic people and well known professionals in the field of autism. This year’s programme features discussions around areas such as "What do we mean by 'quality of life'?" and "What does happiness mean to an autistic woman" with presenters Robyn Steward and Jim Taylor as well as a performance by autistic singer/songwriter Ed Goodale. More details are available below.

Events will be held in

Place Venue
Manchester The People's History Museum  
6 June


5 October

Our first event in Edinburgh on 18 May was a rousing success.

Feedback from attendees included:
‘The event was inspiring and thought provoking and gave lots of scope for practical outworking of the ideas.’
‘Inspirational, great networking, interesting, upbeat, great day.’
‘Ed was phenomenal, a must at any event.’
‘Inspiring, amazing, brilliant, made me cry, fun, made me feel happy that I am involved with The National Autistic Society.’

The keynote presentation

Robyn Steward, renowned author and inspirational speaker who in 2013 was presented by the NAS with an award for “outstanding achievement by an individual on the autism spectrum”.


We are also privileged that Jim Taylor will also present. Like Robyn, Jim has also achieved a lifetime achievement award from the NAS. A well-regarded professional with considerable experience and expertise in the education of autistic young people, Jim is also the Chairperson of the Autism Accreditation
Standards Body.

There will also be a musical performance and short question and answer session by Ed Goodale, an autistic singer songwriter. Ed’s songs tell stories told from his observation and interpretation of our world and a life viewed through the creative eyes of one driven by Asperger’s Syndrome. (Click here to view Ed's page.)

Accreditation news

HMP Whatton raise over £1,000 for World Autism Awareness Week!

This year HMP Whatton fully embraced World Autism Awareness Week with a programme of events and fundraising activities. HMP Whatton are working towards Autism Accreditation and are using this opportunity to continuously improve the quality of service provision for people with autism and Asperger syndrome.

The week began on Saturday 2 April with 30 plus prisoners completing an enduring triathlon getting sponsorship from fellow prisoners across the whole prison. Two further gym events took place with a sponsored walk and a very competitive staff v prisoners badminton competition. The energy and enthusiasm across the prison was fabulous with awareness sessions taking place delivered by and for prisoners and staff. The guess the sweets and staff sweepstakes created healthy competition and interest in the special interests that some autistic people have. The day of wearing pink or purple was fun with some quite amazing combinations of colours!  On Friday 8 April the week came to a close with a great ‘Whatton Bake-Off’ where staff member Mark Gadsby was crowned the most accomplished baker with his amazing piñata cake with the theme colours of pink and purple.

Pink cake with marshmallows on top 

Lynn Saunders, Governor and Bake-off Judge said, “It was great that the whole prison got behind this event, and both staff and prisoners contributed to this important awareness raising opportunity. I was pleased and proud that the whole prison are committed to helping to support those people with autism and Asperger’s in our care, and had some fun in the process.”

On Friday staff and prisoners welcomed Stephanie de Vries, the prison's Regional Autism Accreditation Advisor from The National Autistic Society. She heard first hand from prisoners how successful the week had been. She said, "The prison community as a whole had an increased awareness through the events held and the week provided an opportunity to bring people together. The talented staff and a select number of prisoners working towards an NVQ qualification did a fantastic job in making a whole range of impressive cakes."

Stephanie added, “I was delighted to be asked to support this event. I was particularly impressed with the commitment demonstrated by the prison to raising awareness of autism. This is the first time the prison has participated in World Autism Awareness Week; a variety of different awareness raising  events were held throughout the week which helped to raise awareness of autism amongst staff and prisoners alike. An added bonus was tasting and judging the delicious cakes made by staff and some prisoners!”