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The National Autistic Society has been running schools for children with autism for some 50 years. We have always recognised, however, that the demand for autism-specific education outstripped our ability to supply it so when the Government introduced the free schools strategy we recognised that here was an opportunity to develop additional autism-specific provision.

Our first free school, Thames Valley School in Reading, opened in September 2013 and our second, Church Lawton School, opened in Cheshire in January 2015. We now also have agreement from the Department for Education to develop a new free school in Lambeth (opening early 2017). These schools provide wonderful opportunities to address the needs of children with autism and to transform not only their lives but also those of their families.

While the NAS is acting as the sponsor, free schools are state funded and the NAS cannot benefit financially. Accordingly, a separate Trust has been established – the NAS Academies Trust – and it is this body that will own and manage the free schools. As you would expect, the NASAT will reflect the vision and mission of the NAS, aiming to deliver an outstanding education to children and young people on the autism spectrum.

NAS Academies Trust Report and Financial Statements for year ended 31 August 2015

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NAS Academies Trust is a network of free schools and academies. A company limited by guarantee in England (No 7954396).

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